Las Cruces Youth Orchestra and Choirs


In order to continue to support our area public, charter, and private school music programs, it is a requirement that if an orchestra and choral program is available to instrumentalists and singers at their schools, they must be enrolled in that program in order to be eligible to join the Las Cruces Youth Orchestras and Choirs.


Instrumentalists and singers who do not have the opportunity to be part of an orchestra or choral program at their schools can join Las Cruces Youth Orchestras and Choirs without any prerequisites. We are so excited to offer this program to the young instrumentalists and singers in Las Cruces and the surrounding areas!


Each rehearsal is designed to engage singers and instrumentalists while helping them grow in skill level, confidence, and friendship.


The Las Cruces Youth Orchestras seeks to promote music as part of the cultural development in Las Cruces New Mexico, and the border region. Inspired by the philosophy of El Sistema, LCYO envisions social change through music that reaches young people with the fewest resources and the greatest need in its culturally rich communities.


The LCYO seeks to serve as a training ground for motivated and dedicated young musicians who will be prepared to join the NMSU Department of Music for their collegiate studies. LCYO seeks to create partnerships with organizations and institutions that value the development of musical culture throughout Las Cruces and the border region.

El Sistema

The El Sistema model, founded by Dr. José Antonio Abreu of Venezuela, encourages students to take ownership of their musical experience, fostering relationships with one another, and emphasizes that:

  • Every human being has the right to a life of dignity and contribution
  • Every child can learn to express music and art deeply and receive its many benefits
  • Overcoming poverty and adversity is best done by first strengthening the spirit
  • Effective education is based on love, approval, and community experience
Material poverty is overcome by the spiritual wealth that music brings. Once the child overcomes material poverty replaced by spiritual wealth, by picking up an instrument and having started his music classes, he is fully prepared to get ahead and overcome any type of obstacles, whether economic or social in nature


Jose Antonio Abreu

Partner Organizations:

New Mexico Advocates for the Arts

El Sistema USA

NMSU Department of Music

NMSU Philharmonic Orchestra


La Academia Dolores Huerta